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Please go to , my new website covering the saddlechariot/iBex and it’s uses. This is where you will also find links to all my articles on training, safety, vehicle design and even the weird stuff on cooking and politics.

My new contact details are

and my phone number is +44 7510 736 518

Look at the black bar just above this and you will see the word Saddlechariot, which if you press it, reveals a site which tells you about the Saddlechariot, pressing Bannedwaggon tells you about the Bannedwaggon. If you can’t guess what Revolutionary Pony Access tells you about, I suggest you get an education. It never did me any harm etc.

“Thinking outside the Horsebox” is an attempt to tie everything together round the story of two journeys with Obama across England and Wlaes

These pages describe ten years enthusiasm for Ponies, for People enjoying Ponies, but most importantly, for Safety. As a long term coward, safety is the first priority in my vehicles, and is just as important in my advice on training people or ponies.

The British Horse Establishment are indifferent to safety. Ponies, horses, children and adults are injured, maimed and killed by a system that avoids the first principles of Health and Safety.

Ten years of begging the Equestrian Establishment to look at a safe system have taught me not to waste my breath. Instead, this site under Safety, will publish me reporting myself to the Health and Safety Executive. My crimes: (1) Deliberately designing and recommending vehicles that contravene the best practices recommended by the Equestrian Establishment. (2) Recommending that people should IGNORE the safety advice of the Equestrian Establishment.

As a complete surprise, pressing Safety on the top bar will connect you with the subject.

The rest of the Blog is what I did today, what interests or amuses me. Maybe about ponies, maybe about producing gas from waste vegetables in Nigeria, certainly not about “popular culture”.

I am on Facebook, my email is , my phone is 07510 736518
Simon Mulholland

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About saddlechariot

Revolutionary, believes everyone can enjoy ponies, and nobody needs a whip to do so.
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