As the inventor of the Saddlechariot and just recently the iBex, this site gives me the chance to gloat about how clever I am. This is perfectly reasonable behaviour for an inventor. No inventor invents  the mediocre. “Let’s invent a mid range family car.” It doesn’t happen. Accountants ask engineers to develop a mid range family car and specify out any style or originality. It’s not what they want to do, it’s what they have to do, but inventors are free.

I invented the saddlechariot because I wanted a safe, one man pony drawn vehicle, and there wasn’t one on the market. At the time, it was the safest horse drawn vehicle around, but the competition wasn’t that strong, and hasn’t got much stronger, so I changed the goal posts and developed the safest equestrian activity.

The iBex upped the ante, as I wanted the advantages of the saddlechariot for people in wheelchairs, and the iBex against all expectations is safer than the Saddlechariot.

So I am smug.

For those wishing to buy a Saddlechariot, Nick Sanders is in charge of sales and can be contacted through his website . I will still answer any questions, I designed the damn thing and still love it to bits, it’s just that I only really drive it now when I am logging or when I decide Obama needs to play. The one area it really scores is that it is easier for the pony than the iBex, you can gallop it over anything without the pony batting an eye. Mind you it’s not easy on your ankles, knees or hips but then taking any two wheeler fast cross country is tough. That’s why you do it.


9 Responses to Saddlechariot

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  2. Jade Smith says:

    Hi I am interested in purchasing a saddle chariot for my Shetland pony. I live in cornwall in the Uk. I’ve tried the link on the site but it no longer works. Any Information would be great fully recieved.

    Jade Smith

    • Hi there. You can call me on 07510 736518 as I am just up the road in Exeter. Also I want to come and drive a few more of the beaches in Cornwall, so depending where you are, a demo might be really easy. And fun. Simon

  3. Jo Gladstone says:

    I’ve looked at your Saddlechariots several times over the years. I think they are an ideal way to introduce a young pony to harness work, or have fun with little kids ponies that don’t get enough exercise. I am currently breaking 4 ponies for driving, my driving trials pony is now semi retired. Do you distributor in the UK?
    Kind regards Jo Gladstone.

  4. Terri says:

    Interested in buying a saddle chariot

  5. Terri says:

    Im interested in buying a chariot but live in NZ

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